Adam Wiedmann

Adam Wiedmann was born and raised in the rich natural environment of the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts, which fostered a love of nature and adventure. As a student at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, Wiedmann found his way into a sculpture class to fulfill an art requirement, and discovered his calling to sculpt under the apprenticeship of Bruce West, celebrated public works sculptor. Wiedmann’s passion for sculpture led him to spend every free moment honing his craft. Wiedmann returned to the East Coast, landing on the beautiful coast of Maine, where his love for nature deepened. He opened his first professional studio and started creating new works in welded stainless steel.
Wiedmann creates abstract, organic sculpture in stainless steel.  As an artist, it is his goal to transform a hard industrial steel and stone into the soft, gently curving balanced works inspired by nature. Wiedmann strives to create artwork that can stand alone, giving each viewer the chance to make their own connections. His works flow naturally, expressing Wiedmann’s penchant for organic forms and exploration of nature. Each work is composed of hand textured stainless steel sheets, cut with plasma cutters, and welded by hand.
Today Wiedmann is based in Napa Valley, CA, and his work has been exhibited ranging from Martha's Vineyard, NYC, Chicago to Beverly Hills. Wiedmann's work has also been featured at Art Chicago and the Toronto International Art Fair, and seen in various publications such as Art News and Le Maison France.

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