Alison Haley Paul

Alison Haley Paul is a contemporary painter of lavishly textured landscapes full of nuanced color. Her work conjures up connotations and geographical memories: that summer you spent at the beach, the tree where you went to think, the path up the hill behind school, the view out the car window on the way home. The places she paints may not be physically specific, but they are immediately recognizable and designed to trigger nostalgic feelings and memories. Paul also seeks to give a sense of balance and grounding with both balanced yet surprising color, and a sweeping horizon.

Paul's background in ceramics and interior design led her to a love of texture. While studying the weave in fabric, and how it influences color, Paul began to paint texture. She begins with a charcoal gray canvas, and uses a palate knife mix oil paint andcold wax to create her dynamic lines and intricate textures. This gives her work an energetic 18 inch view and a serene 18 foot view, leading the viewer even further into the journey of memories.

Paul majored in Art and Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and earned a BA at the Design Institute in San Diego. Her work has been exhibited in and is a part of public and private collections nationwide, including the Triton Museum in Santa Clara, CA, San Diego Museum of Art, Coronado Museum of History and Art, Museum of the Living Artist, Balboa Park, Pasadena Contemporary Arts in Pasadena, CA, and SCOPE art Miami in Miami, FL.

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