Andreas Reimann

Reimann specializes in the further development of pop art in the tradition of Warhol's portraits, paying homage to the icons of the 20th century. His process began with traditional painting and evolved into mixed-media and silkscreen, using many layers to obscure details and create illusion in order to keep you looking at his work. Reimann's work blurs conventional boundaries between high and low culture by glamourizing the creation of icons and their further commodification. He believes that in pop culture, "there are people who get hyped as icons, and then there are those who wish to be hyped." Reimann's use of symbolism is global, and his cultural icons can be read from London to Tokyo to New York to Munich.

Reimann burst onto the international art scene when Tina Turner presented his rendition of her to an enthusiastic audience. Since then his art been used on an Austrian special issue postage stamp commemorating the 70th birthday of Romy Schneider. He has also participated in collaborations with Swiss luxury designer G?nther Th?ny, handbag designer, Michel Mayer, of B. May Designs, and rock icons Elton John and David Bowie. The Savoy Hotel in Cologne features Reimann's work extensively throughout. Reimann has also used his imagery to create a variety of works on mediums such as wallpaper, carpet, and clothing

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