Bjorn Sjoling

Bjorn Sjoling has worked in many mediums, including oil painting, stained glass, wrought iron design and traditional sculpture. With a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Sjoling is fascinated by mechanics and possesses an uncanny aptitude for understanding and manipulating the mechanical world. He is drawn to the hidden workings of the human body, and of this, the Remains to be Seen collaborative series was born.

Remains to be Seen is created in close conjunction with his wife and artistic partner, Amanda Sjoling. The series peels away the external layers of our corporal bodies to showcase the beauty of the mechanical framework of skeletons. These expressive and humorous figures, cast in the traditional lost wax process, are life-size and completely anatomically correct limited edition works. The Sjoling team aims to create such quality bronze works that they present just as well from a distance as they do upon close examination. The works are both nobody and everybody at the same time through their lack of external characteristics. The Sjoling team aims to facilitate the viewer's thoughts through such expansive and intricate topics as love, vanishing consumerism and greed, and life and death by offering the observer a universal portrait and a profound dichotomy that is so simple that it is obvious.

Sjoling currently works out of the United Kingdom and AERENA Galleries & Gardens is proud to be his first representation in the United States.

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