Brett Hammond

Raised between the bustling energy of the streets of San Francisco and the sprawling green landscapes of Sonoma County’s wine country, Hammond’s entry into the art world was inspired by poring through his uncle’s MAD Magazines as a child. Hammond was so influenced by the magazine that his first artistic attempts were to create his own comic and cartoon illustrations. After studying multimedia and computer graphic design in college, Hammond moved to Santa Barbara where his designs were commissioned in a variety of media for the skateboard and surfer industries and a few punk rock bands. Hammond is a self-taught painter whose paintings utilize pop culture through symbols, writing, and recognizable figures in order to create light-hearted paintings. Hammond’s artworks evoke graphic design, and the pop art of the 1980’s.

Hammond’s work is idiosyncratic, and rejects global cultural narratives and comments on oppressive themes in contemporary society. Themes include family structure, sexuality, and violence. Hammond strives to make the viewer examine their own perspectives and confront them with their consumer conditioning.

Hammond currently works in Sonoma and Santa Barbara. ÆRENA Galleries and Gardens is pleased to present this emerging artist to our collectors and community. Limited customization is available on these works, please contact your Art Consultant for options and pricing.

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