Cristina Hobbs

Cristina Hobbs is a painter living in Northern California. She was born in 1984 in Hanover, Germany. After studying in Germany and Argentina her path led to California. In 2011, she graduated from California College of the Arts in San Francisco with a B.A. in Painting. Hobbs divides her time between the wine regions of Northern California and Argentina. When she is not in her studio in Northern California, you can find her in her studio in Mendoza, Argentina.

Mark making is central in Hobbs' work where each brush stroke brings about a reaction and leads to the next step. Although she derives her motifs and color palette from every day encounters and personal events, most of her paintings avoid narrative. They work at the edge between abstraction and figuration. In the end, they are observations of the everyday that at times go unnoticed; a celebration of the little things you see that stay in the back of your mind.

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