Heidi Barrett

Heidi Barrett grew up in the Napa Valley with an artist mother, Diane Peterson and a scientific winemaker father, Dr. Richard Peterson. While she has worked as a professional winemaker for her entire career spanning more than three decades, she has also had a passion for art since childhood. Her mother was a creative influence for pursuing art while Heidi was growing up.
For more than 30 years, Heidi has studied art in various forms with Theo Fabian Becker, Robert Burridge, Ed Breed, Nancy Willis, Deborah Donahower, and Rhue Bruggeman among others. She has worked in watercolor, pastels, collage, acrylics, ceramics, glass blowing, jewelry design, glass bead making, monotype printmaking, and mosaics, and has done ice sculptures with her mom Diane Peterson for the Napa Valley Wine Auction. She has participated in numerous group shows and her paintings are in a number of collections internationally.
"I have often compared the art of blending to painting, like having more colors on
my palette and palate!” Barrett says, “In both, the artist uses different hues (flavors) to create something truly unique and delicious… I sought to capture the thrill of art as a tribute to artists everywhere; strive to create beauty."

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