James Lloyd

"Metaphors, symbols, the material world, the collective unconscious and the spiritual realm generate the sources in which I investigate images for the viewer to interact with. Because my work presents composites within each three dimensional form, the viewer is offered many parts or ideas within the integrated whole. Everything in the manifest universe seems to be a complexity of oneness, and this observation is reflected in my work as a sculptor of recombined forms and images of a recognizable but unknown structure."

James Lloyd attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Pennsylvania. For many years Jim tought as a professor while creating his own sculptures. His organic abstractions in steel and bronze are drawn from his childhood love of natural forms. "Nature is my master," says Lloyd. After more than 40 years of education, teaching and establishing a sculpture career throughout Philadelphia and the east Coast, Lloyd now devotes his energy to developing a unique language of sculpture forms, which range in size from hand- held to indoor-outdoor pieces to monumental-sized sculptures appropriate for private, corporate and civic venues.

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