Lizabeth Eva Rossof

Lizabeth Rossof was raised in Chicago. During her childhood, she was surrounded by the politically and sexually charged artworks of the underground Eastern European artists that were smuggled out through the Iron Curtain and exhibited by her art-dealer 'grandparents' Jacques and Anne Baruch. She was also delighted by the Avant-garde, POP and Experiential artwork of artists like Warhol, Kusama and the performance group Mummenschanz that she encountered at the Museum of the Art Institute. She recalls that playing in the Jesus Rafael Soto installation in the basement of the Museum was one of her favorite childhood activities. Rossof’s own work continues to reflect the influence of both the dark and the playful art that had an impacted on her at a young age.

In 2009, Rossof had the idea to design her own version of the Chinese Terra-cotta Warriors. She commissioned replica makers in X’ian, China to construct custom heads to sit atop of the bodies. She then created custom molds and supervised the fabrication remotely from her home in San Francisco. The series consists of five bodies and five heads. Each head and body combination exists in an edition of ten. There is an edition of life-size warriors created for PULSE NY. They would make a great conversational piece for your home and really gets people thinking about what archaeologists might find 500 years from now.

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