Mirang Wonne

After receiving her MFA from Seoul National University, Wonne was awarded a French Government Scholarship for the Arts. She continued her studies at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Deco in Paris and earned her Ph. D. from Sorbonne. Returning to her native Korea, she then taught at Seoul National University. Her work has been exhibited at museums in France and the U.S. such as (the) Grand Palais, MOMA in Paris, Villa Montalvo, and Pacific Heritage Museum in San Francisco. Mirang Wonne’s works are owned by many public and private collections, such as the Musee d’Art Modern de Paris, France and most recently by San Francisco Ritz Carlton Hotel, Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA, El Camino Clinic in Mountain View, UCSF, Rotunda Gallery, School of Law, University of San Francisco, CA, the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA, the Stanford Hospital, Stanford, CA, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA and Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Santa Clara, California.

Wonne is a prolific artist who uses innovative media and techniques. Her work is about the visual interpretation of the fragility of life.

For the last two decades, Mirang Wonne has embodied natural forms in unexpected mediums. She uses primarily industrial materials that paradoxically amplify the organic intensity of those forms, capitalizing on their physical and optical peculiarities. Her work, in the words of Peter Frank, “force[s] us to marvel not just at what she’s done, but to marvel at nature itself—the nature not only of organic forms such as Wonne renders, but of inorganic substances such as she manipulates in her rendering.” The images are spiritual, “both in the sense of something metaphysical and in the sense of some presence made of ghostly plasma.” In her recent screen work, Wonne “draws” on fine stainless steel mesh with a blowtorch. By transforming a material more associated with industry than with art, Wonne achieves results that are unpredictably subtle and intimate, as alluring as gemstones and as transcendent as thoughts.

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