Moto Ohtake

Moto Ohtake views kinetic sculpture as a learning process in which to explore the mechanics and structural engineering of forms in motion. His playful series of kinetic pieces manifest energy and vitality. Departing from shapes and structures found in nature, Ohtake seeks to interact with the environment through his pieces and to mirror the universal order of our cosmos. The sculptures' gyroscopic configurations create unpredictable responses to the wind and an infinite number of variations in its motion. The parts are securely welded and constructed to withstand most wind conditions.

Ohtake, a native of Tokyo, Japan, graduated in 1982 from the San Francisco Art Institute with a master of fine arts degree in sculpture. In 2005 he started instructing at De Anza College, in Cupertino CA where he still teaches sculpture, furniture and three dimensional design.

During the last 20 years, he has created a body of work that includes a series of sculptures in ceramics, wood, mixed media, and metal. Over the last ten years Ohtake has had large sculpture installations at Sonoma County Museum Sculpture Garden in Santa Rosa, Fulton Playground in San Francisco CA, the Stockton Marina in Stockton CA, the Joan Darrah Promenade in Stockton CA, Hardin Visitor's Center at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in Atlanta GA, Kojimachi Gakuen High School in Tokyo Japan, Q-House in Dublin Ireland and several installations in his hometown of Santa Cruz CA. Moto Ohtake has also been featured in the San Francisco Weekly Magazine in 2012 and received an Award of Excellence in recognition of his sculpture "Airborne 2009" by Stockton City Planning Commission, which was installed at Stockton Cannel Promenade in 2011.

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