Robert Holmes

A civil engineer for 30 years, Holmes has been exhibiting and selling his sculptures since 1975 in the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia. He is now very well-known for his semiabstract, curvilinear, cast bronze figures in limited editions, which range from table-size to larger-than-life. His work is reminiscent of Moore, Rodin, Brancusi and Lachaise. Holmes' contemporary figurative work expresses a nurturing, universal quality which celebrates the joy of being and the joy of movement. A consistent vitality is present throughout.

Many private and corporate collectors in the US and Europe, enjoy his limited edition bronze sculpture, including Eastman Kodak, TWA, The Harvest Corporation, PepsiCo Corp, Triton Corporation, UBS Warburg and PaineWebber Collection in London, England, Yageo Corporation in Taipei, Taiwan, Madison Street Square in Vancouver, Canada, Honda (Regional Headquarters) in Sydney, Australia, The Buck Foundation Collection, and Crystal Design Group LLC in Hong Kong.

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