Robert Kantor

Robert Kantor says this about his dynamic and eye-catching mobiles: "Making the impossible, possible; the possible, probable; and the probable a reality; finding optimism out of pessimism, believing in egalitarian and living the impossible dream". His mobiles are inspired by the writer Miguel Cervantes who wrote Don Quixote, with whom Kantor felt a deep connection, and shard in the author's deep conviction that the impossible dream could be achieved. His mobiles represent his optimism that it is possible to live in a balanced and harmonious world that is filled with joy.

Kantor graduated from the University of Colorado, where he studied art history and English literature. He was a graduate fellow at New York University in 1964, where he studied the works of Alexander Calder as well as other modern masters. His art is based on his optimistic outlook on life, which he translates into bright colored metal mobiles and non-moving pieces. He rarely aims to create for any purpose, but rather, his sculpture is created only when the inspiration wells up from its unknown source. His sculptures can be found in several public and private collections in Sun Valley, Idaho, Chicago, Illinois and Denver, Colorado.

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