Siri Hollander

Siri Hollander, born in New York, lived most of her childhood in Andalusia, Spain, where the local community revolved around fairs and fiestas. Influenced by a family of artists and the pastoral atmosphere of Spain, she began sculpting at the age of seventeen. Hollander established a connection with the horses and other animals that surrounded her in her youth, and by apprenticing with several accomplished sculptors both in America and Spain, she developed her own sculptural form based on her unique subjects, horses and figurative forms.

Hollander’s sculptural medium combines steel and cement creating her distinctive texture which brings her sculptures to life. Her horses evoke childhood days spent looking for ancient coins and spelunking in prehistoric caves, as well as exploring the ranching community she grew up in. Hollander abstracts these forms, making her sculptures appear in motion, while also incorporating fine detail in her own spontaneous method. The playful and graceful strength that exudes from Hollander’s work can be seen in every size, from her tabletop works to her monumental sculptures.

Hollander's work has been collected throughout the United States and Spain, including the International Airport in Malaga, Spain.

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