Sound and Vision

JULY 21 - AUGUST 18, 2019

“I will sit right down, waiting for the gift of sound and vision and I will sing, waiting for the gift of sound and vision.”
David Bowie

ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens invites you to celebrate a new collection of paintings by Catherine Woskow. By adding and subtracting a mix of thick acrylic paint, fluid glazes, and thin lines of graphite layered over the top of wooden panels, we embark on a journey through Catherine Woskow’s Sound & Vision.

In Woskow’s focus to express the complex struggle between mind and body, her painting process becomes unpredictable. Her confident use of line and sweeping abstract elements dance across each panel, culminating a dream state in every piece. In her ‘Head Series’, the layering is dynamic and stratified. Woskow allows her intuition to take over during the mark making process which enables the painting to create its own identity.

Join ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens and Catherine Woskow to celebrate her new showcase, Sound & Vision.

View additional paintings by Catherine Woskow here.

Sound and Vision

JULY 21 - AUGUST 18, 2019

“I will sit right down, waiting for the gift of sound and vision and I will sing, waiting for the gift of sound and vision.”
David Bowie

ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens invites you to celebrate a new collection of paintings by Catherine Woskow. By adding and subtracting a mix of thick acrylic paint, fluid glazes, and thin lines of graphite layered over the top of wooden panels, we embark on a journey through Catherine Woskow’s Sound & Vision.

In Woskow’s focus to express the complex struggle between mind and body, her painting process becomes unpredictable. Her confident use of line and sweeping abstract elements dance across each panel, culminating a dream state in every piece. In her ‘Head Series’, the layering is dynamic and stratified. Woskow allows her intuition to take over during the mark making process which enables the painting to create its own identity.

Join ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens and Catherine Woskow to celebrate her new showcase, Sound & Vision.

View additional paintings by Catherine Woskow here.

Economy of Peace

JUNE 1 - 30, 2019

“All we are saying is give peace a chance...”
- The Beatles

ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens invites you to reflect upon a collection of works by Kevin Box in his showcase Economy of Peace. Heartened by folds of paper, sculpture and community, Kevin Box’s studio is a sustainable business designed around inspiration and peace. By experimenting with the lost wax casting process for several years, Box developed a technique specifically to create metal works that capture paper’s intimate details. After acquiring a treasure trove of paper found in a warehouse of an old print shop, Box decided to mix the two mediums by casting paper into metal, which evolved to his studio practice today.

Collaboration is a key component of Box’s method. He works with physicist and mathematician Dr. Robert J. Lang, who can fold almost any detail out of a single square. Master folder Michael G. LaFosse has pioneered designs that are elegant and simple out of his own handmade papers. Box’s unfolded series welcomes the viewer to follow each fold, crease and line of the paper created by Box himself or with his collaborators. This inwardness makes known that there truly is more to the world than meets the eye.

Join ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens and Kevin Box to celebrate his new showcase, Economy of Peace.


Artist Experience with Kevin Box
Join us for an afternoon artist talk in the beautiful rooftop garden at SingleThread as Kevin shares his creative process and unveils his newest sculpture, Gathering of Gratitude.
Sunday, June 16
1:30pm - 3:30pm
Rooftop garden of SingleThread
131 North Street, Healdsburg


Born to Fly

APRIL 15 - MAY 15

“Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly, all your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise.”
- The Beatles

ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens invites you to soar into a collection of works inspired by the phenomena of flight. From natural aviators such as birds and dragonflies, to human inventions including airplanes and spacecraft, we invite you on our journey into the stratospheric world of Born To Fly. As you enter Linda Ridd Herzog’s surrealist realm, frogs are riding on rockets through the sky. Interstellar travel as accomplished by humanity is represented by Kevin Christison’s The Apollo Bronze – Man on the Moon, commemorating the upcoming historic 50th anniversary of the famous 1969 Apollo 11 mission.

Debuting in Born To Fly, we are excited to welcome Nick Veasey, Jock McDonald and Tommy Crow to the ÆRENA. Nick Veasey creates X-ray images that reveal the otherworldly inner workings of familiar objects -- from the geometry of a Mitchell Standard 35mm camera to the anatomy of a Boeing 747. Jock McDonald’s hand-woven work includes abstracted photographic weaves adding depth, texture and nuance beyond the original image. Tommy Crow’s early childhood roots in rural southwest Georgia are reflected in themes of nature and classic Americana iconography in the stark white backgrounds and modern sensibility in his photo works.

Join ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens as we celebrate Born To Fly.

Click here to view the full Born To Fly showcase portfolio



One More Time

MARCH 1 - 31, 2019

“Celebrate and dance so free, music’s got me feeling so free, celebrate and dance so free, one more time.”
- Daft Punk

Join ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens throughout the month of March for One More Time, a celebration of new sculptures by Giuseppe Palumbo. By applying classical techniques to his contemporary subjects, Palumbo’s textured and spirited bronzes embody the essence of each being he portrays. These whimsical and anthropomorphic sculptures engage the viewer with irony, wit, and humor. Palumbo provides an emotional connection with the animals through challenging not only barriers between worlds but between human and beast.

In addition to Palumbo’s renowned portfolio of animals, he explores shapes, objects, and humanity. From small humanoid figures balancing precariously on a skinny ledge, to a monumental sized safety pin, his works push viewers into a slightly zany world. He taps into mythology, philosophy, and idiom through pigs flying, sheep dancing, and bulls meditating. This imaginative realm lets the viewer contemplate oneself within the world we exist in, One More Time.

Join ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens and Giuseppe Palumbo to celebrate his new showcase, One More Time.

Artist Experience with Giuseppe Palumbo
Sunday, March 24
1pm - 3pm 
Auberge du Soleil Courtyard | 180 Rutherford Hill Road


What's Your Sign?

JANUARY 15 - FEBRUARY 15, 2019

“Roads are a record of those who have gone before.
- Rebecca Solnit

ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens is delighted to bring you, What’s Your Sign? a showcase of James Armstrong’s latest works. Known for repurposing decommissioned freeway signs into serene California landscapes, Armstrong introduces a new exploration of various metals into his works. He begins each painting with a fully-realized composition before beginning to scrape away layers in a process he refers to as “reductive”.

Armstrong has been a painter full-time since 2004 and earned a BFA as well a graduate degree from the East Carolina University School of Art. Trained in the style of the classic California landscape painters, he paints, deconstructs, and repaints, cycling through the process over and over until the painting is finally completed; a perfect balance between perfection and destruction.

Join ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens as we celebrate James Armstrong’s showcase, What’s Your Sign?



DECEMBER 1 - 31, 2018

“Life is a field of cosmic consciousness, expressing itself in a million ways in space-time through quantum entanglement.
Amit Ray

ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens is delighted to bring you, Entangled, a showcase of jd Hansen’s latest works, debuting three unseen works Lovers – 55”, Water Rising and Is Forever Enough – 6.5 feet. Hansen creates art that explores the juxtaposition of vulnerability and strength using the human and animal form. Her work examines the intricacies of human psychology, non-verbal communication and theories of quantum physics. Hansen imbues these elements through elongated figures and welded copper handwriting.

The inclusion of copper handwriting in Hansen’s art adds conceptual depth and meaning to the solidity of bronze. Like nebulous thoughts caught in a moment of time, the handwriting flows around the sculptures. Blankets of typeface conjoin with the bronze to become an integral part of the overall form. This unique combination symbolizes the way communication happens by means of small gestures, sounds and an aura of emotional intellect that all entangle together to create a whole.

Join ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens as we celebrate jd Hansen’s showcase Entangled.

Saturday, December 8
3pm - 5pm
Artist Experience 
Cedar Room at Auberge du Soleil | 180 Rutherford Hill Rd

To RSVP please e-mail


OCTOBER 15 - NOVEMBER 15, 2018

“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.”
- J. K. Rowling

ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens is delighted to bring you, Mise-En-Scène, a showcase of Kate Salenfriend’s latest works.

Completely at home in the Napa Valley, Kate Salenfriend’s interpretation of the natural world is complementary to the beauty surrounding her. Growing up in the agriculturally rich San Joaquin Valley, Salenfriend developed a lasting connection to the land around her with a sensitivity to the time of day and atmosphere. The transitional seasonality in her Northern Californian landscapes confronts us with a perpetual sense of motion and progression.

Mise-En-Scène translates to “visual theme” or “telling a story”, in both poetically and visually artful ways. Salenfriend’s saturated gold mountains symbolize the resilience of nature. Through vibrant colors and perspectives of Napa Valley, a majestic feeling embodies these works drawing you into her world.

Join ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens as we celebrate Kate Salenfriend’s showcase Mise-En-Scène.

Friday, November 2
6pm - 8pm
Kate Salenfriend Artist Experience
at ÆRENA Galleries Yountville| 6795 Washington Street

To RSVP e-mail

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

SEPTEMBER 1 – 30, 2018 

All that is gold does not glitter, not all those whose wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost.”
J. R. R. Tolkien

ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens is delighted to bring you, Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost, a showcase of Alison Haley Paul’s latest works. Known for her textured, dynamic paintings, these works reveal Paul’s further exploration into the power of place, both imagined and real.

Each work reveals a sensory experience in itself, touching on both memory and fantasy: the distant hills of a forgotten place, crashing waves, a country barn…

In addition, this showcase marks the debut of Paul’s series of painted sculptural works, 360 Degrees. These painted towers rotate on walnut bases, and invite the viewer into an uncharted, entirely novel landscape.

Join ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens as we celebrate Alison Haley Paul’s showcase, Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost.

Sunday, September 23
1pm - 3pm
Artist Talk & Demonstration
at Las Alcobas Napa Valley | 1915 Main St, St Helena

To RSVP and for a complete collections list, contact your art consultant or email

Falling From The Sky

AUGUST 1 – 31, 2018 

“How many more times will you watch the full moon rise?”
Paul Bowles

ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens is delighted to present, Falling From The Sky, a showcase of Adam Shaw’s latest works. Falling From The Sky interlaces a series inspired by last year’s total eclipse and heavenly bodies, and a yearlong meditation on the fires in wine country which occurred last October.

A resident of Sonoma County for 17 years, Shaw’s paintings are anchored by wine country. His open-air studio looks out to the Mayacamas Mountains, allowing him to work together with the landscape. From intensely colored layered forms to evening rainwater reacting on steel surfaces and dried roses placed in between wires, the wine country’s presence is embedded within Shaw’s surfaces. 

Join us for an afternoon at our Healdsburg Gallery with Adam Shaw in celebration of his artist showcase. In tandem with Shaw's participation in the exhibition From the Fire: A Community Reflects and Rebuilds, we will be hosting an artist conversation with painter, Adam Shaw and Jeff Nathansan, Executive Director of The Museums of Sonoma County.

An Afternoon with Artist Adam Shaw
Saturday, August 18
3:30pm - 6pm
Artist conversation at 4pm
at our Healdsburg Gallery |115 Plaza Street

To RSVP and for a complete collections list, contact your art consultant.

Fame - Is It Any Wonder

Robert Mars
July 1 – 31, 2018 

“Is it any wonder you are too cool to fool? Fame, bully for you, chilly for me.”
David Bowie

ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens is delighted to bring you, Fame - Is It Any Wonder, a showcase of Robert Mars’ latest works. Through graphic compositions and rich colors, Mars explores his fascination with the Golden Age of American popular culture and the icons of the 1950s and 1960s. Drawing inspiration from the near-mythical fame that surrounded celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn – and before the all-encompassing presence of the internet – Mars’ fresh approach is a timeless, vintage aesthetic.

Mars begins his paintings with planes of color and sheets of brown paper, then layers paint and vintage newspaper unique to the subject’s era. Influenced by quilting, he collages historical icons and high-profile brands, such as Chanel and Dom Perignon, with layers of more mundane paper ephemera. Mars then sands areas of the composition allowing specific elements of the underpainting to emerge and create lively patterns throughout. With a final layer of thick resin, Mars seals his composition, rendering the image a time capsule of America’s glamorous past.

Join ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens as we celebrate Robert Mars’ Fame - Is It Any Wonder.

Contact your art consultant for a complete collections list. Please note due to the popularity and limited quantities of the artist’s work, we ask for you to reach out to confirm gallery availability and visit us at any of our four galleries throughout the showcase. 

A Sense of Place

Thomas Monaghan


ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens is pleased to bring you, A Sense of Place, a showcase of Thomas Monaghan’s newest paintings. This body of work illustrates the artist’s mastery of light, composition, and pattern - transcending the canvas and capturing the magical dance of sunlight on water.

These shimmering paintings are inspired by Monaghan’s evening walks, a daily ritual, where he will stop to gaze as he approaches a body of water. The horizons in these expansive works are slightly hidden, or just beyond reach through a veil of trees and flora. This symphony of light and water draws the viewer into a place of meditative calmness and luminous reflection.

Join ÆRENA Galleries and Gardens as we celebrate Thomas Monaghan’s A Sense of Place.

Contact your art consultant for a complete collections list. Please note due to the popularity and extremely limited quantities of the artist’s work, we ask for you to reach out to confirm gallery availability and visit us at any of our four galleries throughout this six week showcase.

Where The Wild Things Are
Where The Wild Things Are



ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens invites you to experience a world of curiosity and adventure with wildlife inspired artworks throughout the month of March at WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE.

Whether it’s Giuseppe Palumbo’s whimsical bronze sheep, Heather Gauthier’s charming rhino, Kevin Box’s one-of-a-kind unicorn, Linda Ridd Herzog’s inquisitive pig, Sandy Graves’ irresistible elephants, or Sharon Loper’s loyal wolf pack, this gathering of artworks is sure to enchant any collector.

In conjunction with this showcase we’re excited to welcome two artists to the galleries – Heather Gauthier and Sandy Graves. Considered to be “anthropomorphic realism” – ascribing human characteristics to non-human subjects – Gauthier’s most popular work is a series of eclectic animal portraits. Animals of all varieties pose with flowers or objects that are foregrounded on decorative backgrounds. Within her fanciful practice, Gauthier’s culmination of experiences between rural and urban settings are grounded through modern graphic and textile design elements. Graves first fell in love with bronze when she discovered the warmth and beauty of the medium. A life-long equestrian, she recently has begun to incorporate abstracted equine forms to compliment the wildlife and human figures that comprise much of her portfolio. Inspired by watching the public interact with sculpture Graves hopes for her whimsical artworks to evoke special memories in the viewer.

For more information about this of artworks or to arrange a visit to any of our gallery or sculpture garden locations, please inquire through your art consultant or visit our website to view a complete collections list.

Lisa Ledson and Penelope Moore
Lisa Ledson and Penelope Moore



ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens is pleased to welcome two talented artists to the galleries by special engagement. Lisa Ledson and Penelope Moore paint with such energy and inviting texture, you can't help but be pulled into their abstract worlds of color. We're excited to share their work with our collectors and community.

A rapidly emerging Napa-based artist, Ledson's energy-filled abstract paintings reflect forces of the natural world and draw inspiration from creative forms of self-expression. Raised in the small town of Kenwood in Sonoma County, Ledson thrived off her mother's creativity, and attributes her artistic inclination to her exposure of both the visual and performing arts at a very early age. Trained extensively in ballet, Ledson's sense of movement is an intrinsic part of her practice.

Often combining acrylic paint with resin, Ledson's paintings boast abstract swirls of bright colors mixed with unexpected shimmering metallic accents. The paintings appear perpetually on the verge of flowing right off the canvas, giving the viewer the sense that the artwork is a single moment forever frozen in time.

Moore portrays a unique twist on life's simple pleasures in her paintings. Between her still life series of wine accessories and abstract painting series titled "Palette of the Palate," she explores color with joviality and zestfulness. Penelope Moore's work embodies the epicurean experience by her sensory amplitude, synesthesia. Moore distinguishes wine descriptors into a selective chromaticity on canvas at the same time she is tasting the wine.

Originally established as a Napa Artist, Moore regularly exhibited her work throughout wineries in Napa Valley and Sonoma. She currently lives and works in Polpenazze del Garda, Italy where her love of wine continues to grow and be a source of inspiration for her work.

Silver Lining

James Armstrong
January 15th to February 15th

Embrace the serenity of local Sonoma County painter James Armstrong, as we are proud to unveil his premier exhibition with ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens.  Armstrong’s incredible use of metal and canvas to create his iconic Sonoma and Napa landscape scenes are full of magic and sure to transport you right back to your favorite trip to wine country.

Using a limited palette, Armstrong’s skillful use of color creates stunning scenes of cobalt blue mountains, lush emerald hills, and mustard fields, all with a striking contemporary feel.  Utilizing upcycled road signs or aluminum and copper sheet metal, Armstrong will create a full realized composition. The layers of paint are then scraped, sanded, and etched down to reveal the reflective metal underneath, giving light and movement to his work.  The unique material used creates wonderfully dynamic compositions with rivers, ponds, and skies that shimmer and interact with their surroundings.

Throughout his paintings, whether on canvas or metal, Armstrong adds abstraction to his work, distressing and modernizing the traditional landscape, creating scenes that will without a doubt become an instant statement in your home.

James Armstrong has been widely collected, including being featured at the newest Charlie Palmer restaurant at the recently opened Archer Hotel in downtown Napa.  We hope you are just as excited to collect our newest gallery artist as we are to showcase his work.  Please inquire through your art consultant for more information, or visit any of our galleries or view our website to see a complete collections list.


Brett Hammond
November 15 - December 15, 2017

Text a friend, send a Tweet, post on Instagram: the newest pop art from Brett Hammond is here! Bold colors, comic book inspiration, and an energetic love for life all come together for Brett Hammond’s newest exhibition, POW! Explore hilarious situations, modern tragedies, and wine woes, all with a wonderful vibrancy that will bring energy to any space. 

Hammond began his career designing and illustrating commercial artwork for well-known skateboard and surfboard companies in Southern California. Over the years, Hammond’s artwork continued to evolve as he drew more from his original love and inspiration, comic books and graphic novels. By incorporating his commercial experience, and looking to the traditional aesthetic of pop art, Hammond was able to create a unique blend of storytelling, art, and humor all his own. 

His latest showcase looks to our modern technological world: the power of the emoji, social media, and the strange nature of romance in our interconnected world, are all brought to light through a humorous lens. Hammond’s work continues the venerated tradition of pop art by elevating and cheekily examining contemporary popular culture, all the while making the viewer think and laugh. 

Please reach out to your Art Consultant for more information and a complete list of available works, or visit any of our locations in Sonoma and Napa counties to view POW! in person.

Doug Smith

Doug Smith 

ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens is delighted to unveil the newest paintings by California landscape painter, Doug Smith. Known for his unique depictions of agrarian landscapes, Smith has long been fascinated by the vast mosaics of the archetypal American West. The inspired, stunning paintings blend aerial landscapes, Smith's experience in graphic design, and a traditional detailed vignette showing a peek into pastoral American life.

With vivid planes of color and an attention to refined geometric composition, Smith's paintings are an intimate mix between abstract expressionism and a small dash of realistic landscape painting, inspired by long flights over the country and even longer drives through it. The inclusion of weathered barns and silos, wraparound porches, and rustic windmills transport the viewer to idyllic and familiar scenes reminiscent of travels through the Western and Midwestern United States.

We are excited to present recent works from Doug Smith, this is a perfect time to revisit his work, or experience it for the first time.

Please enjoy this selection of work and reach out to your Art Consultant for more information.

Monumental Sculpture 
October 1 - 31, 2017

Art has the power to stop us in our tracks, to change our way of thinking, to reimagine our spaces. Challenge  your  perception at Playscape,  the  newest showcase  at  ÆRENA  Galleries  & Gardens, featuring incredible monumental sculpture. These artworks are elegant and exhilarating, and will leave a lasting impression in any garden or home.

Playscape features a variety of gallery sculptors, each bringing a unique vision and perspective to their medium.    Exquisite works in  bronze,  steel,  aluminum,  and more, each create a statement sure  to  inspire. Whether the modern lines and colors of Matt  Gil, the magic of Kevin  Box’s metal origami, David  Tanych’s reimagined everyday objects, the abstracted knots of Damon  Hyldreth, or the whimsical and anthropomorphic animals of Giuseppe  Palumbo, there is sure to be a sculpture that speaks to you.

Please  contact  your  art  consultant  for  more  information  and  a  complete  collections  list.    At ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens, we are excited to provide private tours of our sculpture gardens at Auberge  du  Soleil, Harvest  Inn, Solage  Calistoga, MacArthur  Place,  Blackbird  Vineyards, or any of our galleries in Napa and Sonoma.  

Full Circle

Featuring the works of Alison Haley Paul. 
August 15 - September 15, 2017

Leave your worries behind and lose yourself in the serene world of Alison Haley Paul’s landscape paintings in her newest showcase, Full Circle. From rolling emerald and golden hills to endless azure oceans, Paul’s landscapes encapsulate the natural world with a unique and ultimately breathtaking vision.

In Full Circle, Paul explores the warmth of nostalgia, connecting deeply the viewer, reaching within themselves and evoking fond memories. Paul pieces together her incredible landscapes from favorite trips, whether through the vine-covered hills and valleys of Napa and Sonoma or the white sand beaches of Costa Rica.

Widely recognized for her signature thick application of oil paints mixed with beeswax, Paul’s paintings continuously reveal their secret depths with every glance, drawing the viewer deeper and deeper into the scene. Her intricate color palette draws inspiration from the world around her- rich browns of coffee grounds and aging barn beams, soft rusts and golds of Saltillo tiles and old brick, subtle lavenders of the Pacific at dusk. Paul’s paintings activate the viewers every sense as their fondest remembrances are relived and favorite places revisited.

Please contact your art consultant for more information and to see a complete collections list, or visit any of our five gallery locations to experience Full Circle in person.

Hanging Gardens
Hanging Gardens

Featuring the works of Victoria Veedell and Zingaro.
July 1 – 31, 2017

“…advanced by visionaries.”Theodore Roosevelt, Citizenship in a Republic

Please join us in welcoming new gallery artists, Victoria Veedell and Zingaro, for our showcase Hanging Gardens. Both Veedell’s paintings and Zingaro’s vitreous enamel works exhibit an inner glow that radiate energetic vitality.

Veedell has travelled the world for artist residencies in varied landscapes from Northern California to Japan to Iceland, looking for the unique beauty in each place. Veedell’s soft paintings begin with a vibrant layer of pinks and oranges chosen to represent the dynamic emotions felt in a landscape, and are finished with soft oils to reflect the stillness and serenity felt by Veedell while gazing over each scene. Her active brushstrokes explore the gradients of light and color in the atmospheres of the extraordinary and diverse locales she has lived in.

Zingaro specializes in the ancient process of vitreous enamel, which can be traced back to the ancient Romans and Egyptians. This highly involved process begins with brightly colored glass that is finely ground and carefully placed onto polished copper sheets. The glass and metal are then melted together to create precise and shining artworks. Zingaro makes the historic craft his own, and creates patchworks of shimmering tiles, ranging from abstract circles and splashes, to the flowers that adorn his garden.

Inquire with your art consultant today to view the complete available works by Victoria Veedell and Zingaro, or stop by any of our five gallery locations to view Hanging Gardens in person.



Featuring the works of John Karl Claes
May 15 - June 15, 2017

Soar above the splendor of California's pastoral patchwork countryside in breathtaking colors with John Karl Claes' vivid landscape paintings in his showcase, Skyfall.

John Karl Claes' landscapes enthrall and captivate with endless horizons, geometric compositions, and brilliant colors, exploring the duality between man's orderly imprint on the land and the ever-changing patterns of the endless skies. Winding rivers, distant foothills, and spacious clouded skies contrast the studiously contoured farmlands in Claes' depictions of vast central Californian topography. Throughout his process, Claes' brilliant use of bold and dramatic colors exhibits the world in ways never before imagined.

From a small agricultural airplane of a friend, Claes found the aerial perspective which brought his paintings to life. Glide through crimson sunrises and glistening golden sunsets, over the saturated mustards, verdant greens, and vibrant oranges that entwine to capture the heart of the diverse acreage of farmland that sprawl through Claes' native state.

Please inquire with your art consultant today to view the complete available works by John Karl Claes, or stop by any of our five gallery locations to view Skyfall in person.

Rhapsody in Blue

Featuring the works of Kate Salenfriend
April 1 - 30, 2017

Join us once again to bathe in the brilliant golden light and immersive colors of Napa Valley painter, Kate Salenfriend, in her showcase Rhapsody in Blue.

Always pushing the boundaries of her incredible talent and eye for color, Rhapsody in Blue unveils Kate's journey into a captivating, enchanting, and altogether wondrous palette which explores a new range of saturated blues and greens. Dive into the mystery that lives within the depth of her work and journey alongside the artist to discover her beautiful contemporary paintings for your collection.

Kate's mastery of her medium and love of the Napa Valley, along with such unique inspiration as Gustave Klimt and the ruins of Pompeii, has created an easily recognized style that is solely her own. Drawing on her signature birch trees, vivid vineyards, and delicate birds, Rhapsody in Blue unveils a range of vibrant and complex colors that will stand out to those already familiar with her works, as well as those who are discovering them for the first time. By evoking memories of calm mornings, sun-kissed tree tops, and picturesque twilights, Salenfriend's work will whisk you away each time you see it.

Please inquire with your art consultant today to view the complete available works for Kate Salenfriend. ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens will be hosting events to connect the viewer and the artist, please contact your art consultant for information or to RSVP for one of these events today.


February 15 - March 15, 2017

Experience the enchantment, depth, and intriguing beauty of the elegant glass artworks by world-renowned glass blowing artist David Patchen during our showcase, Unbreakable.

As the number one artist in the world specializing in the murrine and cane glass blowing techniques, Patchen creates incredible glass works that highlight the complexity and elegance of form and color. Each piece takes weeks from inception to finish as every artwork is meticulously planned and composed, revealing Patchen's masterful control of the medium.

From his sophisticated Blooms to the striking Foglio series, inspired patterns mix, displayed in an endless range of hues that dance with light, revealing translucent shapes of living radiance.

Collecting a work by David Patchen is bringing home a piece of Venetian history with a contemporary flair.

Experience Patchen's luminous works in our galleries or on our website, and contact your art consultant for more details or to see a complete collections list.

January 1 - 31, 2017

Line. Shape. Balance. Design is the pursuit of the ideal confluence where art and function meet; where finding the perfect execution of an idea becomes the goal.

Join us throughout the month of January as we feature our expansive collection of furnishings, design, and objet d'art items from Rococo to Bauhaus with our showcase, Aesthete.

Throughout time artists and designers have sought to create beauty in the objects we use every day. The very idea that form follows function continues to define the pursuit of artisans throughout the ages. We feel the same at ÆRENA Galleries and are here to assist you in adding beauty to all aspects of your life.

We invite you to visit our locations to view the unusual and unique functional and stylish design pieces ranging from the 18th century to Mid-century and beyond. Our expansive collection includes; Chesterfield sofas, French club chairs, antique chandeliers and contemporary tabletop lighting, industrial cabinetry, handcrafted tables, Eames furnishings and artworks, antique European decorative pieces, hard to find mid-century globes and trophies, collectable coffee table books, and more.

Contact your art consultant today to inquire or acquire any one of our hard to find one-of-a-kind items or to obtain more information on all of our offerings.

Love The Wine You're With

November 15 - December 15, 2016

Prepare to laugh out loud as ÆRENA Galleries presents the second showcase featuring the witty and vibrant POP art paintings of gallery artist, Brett Hammond at Love the Wine You're With.

Hammond's wry humor comes through in all his works, placing a bright and playful light on some of the more serious issues that face us, such as deciding between Merlot or Pinot, having a full wine cellar, or shedding tears because the cellar was turned into a man cave!

Our first exhibition of Hammond's work sold out, so don't wait to contact your art consultant for a full collections list, or visit us on our website or at any one of our five gallery locations, including our new tasting room, RiverHouse by Bespoke Collection at 604 Main Street in Napa (facing the river).

Hammond's entry into the art world was inspired by poring through his uncle's MAD Magazines as a child and living in vivacious cities throughout California including: San Francisco, Sonoma, and Santa Barbara. Hammond's art and designs have been commissioned in a variety of media for the music, skateboarding, and surf industries along with numerous logo designs for businesses.


October 1 - 31, 2016

Become lost in a month long Reverie as we present the dreamy waterscape paintings by favored ÆRENA gallery artist, Thomas Monaghan. Enter a place of calm observation and meditation as Monaghan takes you on a reflective visual tour of his favorite places in nature. Lifelong daily walks in solitude near the water's edge are Monaghan's main source of inspiration, and the sparks of light that gently dance and play through the trees and on the liquid surfaces, his muse.

Monaghan's mastery is in his ability to persuade the elements of sunlight, water, subject and composition into coherency in the studio. These fleeting moments are captured through observation and small sketches with oil and glazes that translate into peaceful memories for others to enjoy throughout eternity.

To acquire or inquire, please contact your art consultant for a complete collections list, or visit us at any of our five galleries throughout the month of October, including our newest location, ÆRENA Gallery at Riverhouse, by Bespoke Collection.

Due to the popularity and extremely limited quantities of the artist's work,paintings are not available at all locations.

Monaghan's works have been exhibited or collected in many public and private spaces including: The Prudential, Merrill Lynch, LaSalle National Bank, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, The Fuji Corp., Baron Hilton Corp., Columbus Distributing, Helene Curtis Corp., Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, I.B.M., P.M.I., Advanced Micro Devices, San Jose, Oprah Winfrey (Harpo Studios) private collection, Google, Apple, District Attorney SF., and Stanford Medical.


jd Hansen
September 1 - 30, 2016

Join us for the month of September for Lexicon, featuring the expressive and fluid sculptural works by gallery artist, jd Hansen.

Hansen's work strives to communicate the gamut of human existence in a snippet of space and time, including thoughts conveyed by subtle gestures, living in the now, the beauty of imperfection, and that reality is fluid and determined by the observer. Hansen comments, “My work explores the illusion of solidity, the emotion of the soul, and the freedom we have to create our unique realities.”

Each sculpture is based on a strong, deeply personal concept that is defined and refined through extensive writing. The piece is built up and then slowly stripped of anything unnecessary, revealing the primitive essence of the subject. Utilizing a technique of adding layers of hot wax to the armature and uncast surfaces, Hansen's dripping or ultra-smooth liquid-like surfaces, have become an important part of her unique sculptural signature.

Hansen's works have been collected or exhibited at: the Seven Bridges Art Foundation, Park Taiwan Hotel, Taiwan, ROC, Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation, and the World Food Prize Museum, Des Moines, IA. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Museum Choice Award from the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT, the National Sculpture competition for Sculptural Pursuit Magazine. Previous to her career in sculpting Hansen received a CLIO award and 9 Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards for her artwork within the movie industry. Hansen obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction from the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA.

Modern Mystics
Modern Mystics

August 1 - 31, 2016

ÆRENA Galleries is pleased to introduce two new artists, Ann Shogren and Catherine Woskow, whose painterly interpretations of their internal and external worlds are explored throughout the month of August at Modern Mystics.

Experience the silent, yet vibrant communication of their truths, dialogues, and inspirations, through the energetic application of richly applied flowing paint.

Ann Shogren's use of color, the interplay that occurs when harmonious hues reside next to each other, and the aura of place, are the foundation for her paintings. Shogren states, “My paintings seem to be on a very fast evolution and my subject's medium, and even my style, seem to adapt to what I am seeing.”

Shogren's quest is to capture and hold the energy of a location in her work, in order for other people to experience it in their own way. “Positive, happy energy and interesting light, is what I am drawn to.”

Catherine Woskow draws her work from her inner world –conscious to maintain an active overview of what is occurring, and allowing the art to guide her, all the while making it a priority to allow the art to express itself. Woskow must continually remind herself to get out of her own way and to allow the process to dictate the direction of a work.

Working in series enables Woskow to fully explore a subject, while remaining acutely conscious of the different sources of her inner dialog. Are they from the mind or from the body? The finished paintings express the vital interplay between the two, resulting in a relationship that formulates one complete identity.

Shogren's paintings have been exhibited or collected by Venice Biennale 2013, GZArtVenice, Venice, GZ Basel Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland, Freemark Abbey, Alexander Mountain Estates, Stonestreet Winery, and more.

Woskow's works have been exhibited and collected internationally including a recent exhibition of her Head Series at the Grace Hudson Museum in Ukiah, CA. She is also the recipient of several grants and awards including L B Research and Education Foundation Grant, Rotary International Foundation Grant, and the George Haseltine Art Prize, Bradford Liberal Arts College, MA.

Contact your art consultant for a complete collections list or to schedule an appointment to preview the works in person. Be sure to visit any of our gallery locations or our website at In September, visit our new gallery and tasting room, RiverHouse by Bespoke Collection at 604 Main Street in Downtown Napa.


Kevin Box
July 1 - 31, 2016

Join us throughout the month of July at Axioms, where ÆRENA sculptor Kevin Box captures the duality of the fragility of paper and the strength of metals, in his diverse and stunning body of origami inspired works. After a decade spent perfecting and evolving his signature technique, Box is now able to cast paper in bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum, giving us sculpture that emanates both lightness and durability.

Collaborating with world-renowned origami artists is the hallmark of Box's sculptures, and you can see their combined skill in monumental sized horses, complex unfolded castings and miniature mice. Let your heart take flight with his beloved cranes, lose yourself in his mesmerizing paper airplanes or embrace the meaning behind his renown Rock Paper Scissors series. Box's work invites you to touch and feel the sculpture just as surely as it intrigues, delights, and touches you. Contact your Art Consultant today regarding acquisition of any of these beautiful sculptures. Please also visit our gallery locations to preview the works in person, or view on our website, throughout the month of July.

Box's “Origami in the Garden” exhibition has traveled to botanical gardens across North America since 2013, and he has more than 20 works of art in public places in the U.S. Box's art is in private and public collections throughout the world, including Morocco, Perth, and Oita, Japan, as well as The Four Seasons in Washington D.C., the Austin City Symphony in Texas, and the African American Performing Arts Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Alison Haley Paul
June 1 - 30, 2016

Sit back and relax as Alison Haley Paul transports you through a new collection of works inspired by the anticipation of summer at Serenade.

Experience the grand feelings of freedom, joy, bliss, and possibility as the artist heightens our awareness of the longed for upcoming season.

Travel through the lovely dreams and memories of summers past, recalling the first whiff of sunscreen, lazy days at the beach, and the heavenly smell of the ocean. Revisit the warm days spent with sand in between your toes, al fresco dinner parties with family and friends, hikes, picnics and music in the park, horseback rides, and exotic escapes.

Alison Haley Paul's summer inspired paintings capture our time spent outdoors, suspending these carefree moments in time for our year round enjoyment.

To acquire or inquire, please contact your art consultant for more assistance or a complete collections list, or visit us throughout the month of June at one or all of our four gallery locations.

Mia Musa

Giuseppe Palumbo
May 1 - 31, 2016

Try not to smile as we take you on a month long joyride through the mental menagerie of revered ÆRENA sculptor Giuseppe Palumbo, at Mia Musa.

From the whimsical to the serious to the sublime, Palumbo's bronze creations instantly evoke an emotional response, causing us to either laugh out loud or revert into quiet contemplation.

Inspired by the great sculptors of his Italian heritage in ancient Rome, Palumbo uses age-old casting techniques to create distinctive sculptures with his own unique twist. Many of Palumbo's series cover a broad spectrum of the human condition in a way that features his wry and thoughtful humor. He offers subtle hints to slow down and appreciate the little things, and to remain balanced and brilliant. In contrast, Palumbo also offers us laughter in the form of anthropomorphic bulls, pigs, and sheep, whose comical countenances remain with us forever.

Contact your Art Consultant today to acquire or to obtain more details or a full collections list. Visit us at all of our locations throughout the month of May, including our newest gallery and showroom located at 6795 Washington Street in Yountville.

Palumbo's works have been exhibited and are part of many public and private collections including: The Loveland Sculpture Invitational, SoFA Sculpture Show, Santa Fe, NM, Art Expo, NY, San Francisco ArtMkt, San Francisco, and are part of Queen Raina of Jordan's private collection.


Kate Salenfriend
April 1 - 30, 2016

Arts in April Artist Talks
April 9th and 23rd at 1:30pm | 1354 Main Street, St. Helena
April 16th at 1:30pm | 115 Plaza Street, Healdsburg

Join us throughout the month of April for Perennial as we take a glistening stroll through the most recent body of work by wine country's revered artist, Kate Salenfriend.

Follow her at dusk or dawn, as she takes you on a tour across a visual escape through the rows of olive trees swathed in fog, that make up early mornings and twilights in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

Inspired by the scarcely known landscape works of one of her most admired predecessors, Gustav Klimt, Salenfriend's interpretations seize the mood and atmospheric aspect of a walk in wine country, leaving the viewer with an ethereal and inspiringly beautiful remembrance of time spent in the valley.

Her depiction of light, bent by the mist and movement on the leaves of the trees from a gentle breeze, is depicted through techniques that utilize copper leafing and minute brush strokes that wash over the entire scene. In this body of work, Salenfriend instantly transports us to one of the most beautiful places on earth. Contact your art consultant today to reserve a space at one of the artist talks on April 9th, 16th, or 23rd at 1:30pm paired with a glass of Blackbird Vineyards Rosé, or to discuss acquisition or obtain a complete collections list. Visit us at all of our locations throughout the month of April, including our newest gallery and showroom located at 6795 Washington Street in Yountville to view these luminous works.

Salenfriend's works have been exhibited or acquired by Francis Ford Coppola Winery, (formerly Chateau Souverain), the Getty Family Trust, Darioush, Skipstone Ranch, Bouchaine Vineyards, as part of the art collection of the new Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, and in many important private collections throughout the country.

"There is little use for the being whose tepid soul knows nothing of great and generous emotion..."
— Theodore Roosevelt, Citizenship in a Republic

Cold Pressed

Damon Hyldreth
March 1 - 31, 2016

Join us for an illusory ride through the rolling hills, peaks, and valleys of a completely new body of work by gallery sculptor Damon Hyldreth at Cold Pressed.

Hyldreth's newest creations are inspired by the curving shapes of logarithmic spirals, and the mythical tale of the Gordian Knot.

Visually lyrical and dancing, or razor sharp and hard-edged, Hyldreth uses cold metal fabrication techniques to bend and contort steel into forms that are both pleasant to the eye and capture emotion, taking the viewer on a rich and varied journey.

Why knot visit all three ÆRENA gallery locations and our sculpture gardens at Auberge du Soleil to view these newest offerings throughout the month of March, or contact your Art Consultant today for more information or a complete collections list.

Taschen Collectible Books
February 1 - 29, 2016

With all the technology that we live with everyday, there is something to be said about curling up with a good book. Before television, movies, and the internet, books have been hand-crafted by artisans and illustrators, and with the invention of the printing press, have made art and artists available to the public since the late 19th century.

Famous art dealer and publisher Ambroise Vollard (1866 – 1939) was deeply committed to the production of artists' books and created several limited edition volumes that are still sought after today. A livre d'artiste, or artist's book, is a work of art in the form of a book, often created to illustrate a literary work. The limited edition book would be published with the accompanying loose prints, often contained in a case or linen box. During the 1900's, Europe's well known artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Miró, and Chagall, collaborated with the most important publishers in Paris to create lavishly printed limited edition books based on great works of literature, reaching all the way back to the second century. Andre Suares, a well-known publisher of the last century said of Vollard's artists' books; “Books like these have never been done before and will never be done again.” And we feel the same of the offerings from Taschen.

In keeping with the tradition of book collecting, ÆRENA Galleries and Gardens is pleased to present a selection of collectable limited edition books by the world renown publisher Taschen, including their line of SUMO books that include: Annie Leibovitz, The Rolling Stones, Ai Weiwei, Sebastião Selgado, and a very limited number of the sold out Gisele Bündchen and David Bowie.

Please contact your art consultant immediately to acquire as quantities are extremely limited or visit our galleries to view the works in person throughout the month of February.

"...who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause..."
— Theodore Roosevelt, Citizenship in a Republic

Monumental Sculpture
January 1 - 31, 2016

ÆRENA Galleries invites you to experience a towering menagerie of larger-than-life sculptures throughout the month of January at Size Matters. Bronze, steel, aluminum, wood, water, and more are carved, bent, welded, hammered, folded, and poured by featured gallery sculptors - Kevin Box, Gail Folwell, Matt Gil, jd Hansen, Archie Held, Damon Hyldreth, and David Tanych, to create an endless variety of monumental sized sculptures to enhance any collection.

From super-sized everyday objects, such as origami cranes and interpretations of childhood games, to emotionally stirring figurative works, to elegant and boldly colored abstract forms, to serene water features, ÆRENA Galleries provides discerning collectors a variety of genres to distinctively design memorable interiors and landscapes.

Contact your art consultant for a complete collections list of all of our sculptors, or to arrange for a visit to one of our sculpture garden locations at Auberge du Soleil, Solage Calistoga, MacArthur Place, and Blackbird Vineyards. ÆRENA possesses the logistical knowledge to assist you with transporting and installing these stupendous treasures worldwide.

Please be sure to visit our locations or our website at to preview all.

"...who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement..."
— Theodore Roosevelt, Citizenship in a Republic

How Deep Is Your Love

Brett Hammond
December 1 - 31, 2015

ÆRENA Galleries is pleased to present the light-hearted POP art creations by emerging artist, Brett Hammond.

Join us throughout the festive month of December for our artist showcase, How Deep is Your Love?, where the love of wine and modern life is pictorially represented and celebrated with Hammond’s fresh POP creations.

Deck your walls (and wine cellar) with any one of Hammond’s witty works and provide a laugh that pairs well with a good glass for visiting friends and family throughout this joyful season.

Raised between the bustling energy of the streets of San Francisco and the sprawling green landscapes of Sonoma County’s wine country, Hammond’s entry into the art world was inspired by poring through his uncle’s MAD Magazines as a child. Hammond was so influenced by the magazine that his first artistic attempts were to create his own comic and cartoon illustrations. After studying multimedia and computer graphic design in college, Hammond moved to Santa Barbara where his designs were commissioned in a variety of media for the skateboard and surfer industries and a few punk rock bands. ÆRENA Galleries is pleased to be among the first to present his works to our collectors and community.

Contact your Art Consultant today to acquire any of these works or to obtain a full collections list.


Mirang Wonne
November 1 - 30, 2015

“From what I've tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire.”Robert Frost

Become visually entangled in the fire created, nature inspired, stainless steel mesh artworks by ÆRENA Galleries artist Mirang Wonne at Enmeshed.

Wonne's unique technique of holding a blowtorch at a precise distance from her stainless steel canvases and working free form with only a concept in mind, results in artworks that represent a fluid and freeing visual walk through nature. Using acrylic paint either on the surface, or under layers of mesh, Wonne's sweeping strokes and effervescent color palette takes us further into her interpretation of the glistening and flickering sunlight that follows us through her work.

Visit all of our galleries through the month of November to experience these matchless creations, or contact your Art Consultant immediately regarding acquisition or to request a full collections list.

Alchemist's Notebook

Adam Shaw
October 1 - 31, 2015

Enter the Alchemist's Notebook where practitioners and patrons alike can participate in the evocative and eloquent creations of gallery artist, Adam Shaw.

Shaw's use of his own version of cryptic symbolism and mysticism is an integral part of his artistic alchemical creations, where components and influences from culture, poetry, time, science, religion, music and philosophy are converted into distinctive paintings that are uniquely his own.

Visit all of our gallery locations through the month of October to experience these exceptional transmutations or contact your art consultant immediately regarding acquisition or to request a full collections list.

Adam Shaw's work can be found in the collections of: the Bank of America Building, Gap Corporate Offices, Marriott Hotel, Cushman Wakefield, San Francisco Bay Club, 3 Com, eBay, Silicon Valley Bank, Motion Picture Actors of America Association, Quantum Corporation, and Los Alamos National Bank, to name a few.


Linda Ridd Herzog
September 1 - 30, 2015

Enter the enchanting surreal world of Linda Ridd Herzog, as we feature her hyper-realistic, wildlife filled fantasy paintings at Phantasmagorical.

Ridd Herzog's magical paintings are born from ideas that are extracted from dreams, where the artist visualizes each artwork in exact detail before its conception. Awakened by the excitement, Ridd Herzog sleeps with a notepad next to her bed in order to capture the critical details and colors that will go into her next creation.

Primarily self-taught and influenced by the nature that surrounded her childhood home in Utah's Salt Lake Valley, Ridd Herzog's intense attention to detail, combined with a whimsical take on wild, marine, and home life, all come together to make up an irresistible collection. Each work is a combination of images and events that are all taking place as you try, yet fail, to make sense of exactly what is going on.

We invite you to contact your Art Consultant immediately regarding acquisition, as the artworks take months to create and are extremely limited. Please also visit us at all three of our gallery locations to preview the works in person, or on our website, throughout the month of September.

Ridd Herzog's work has been exhibited and can be viewed in museums and galleries internationally, including Toyota Corporation, Swatch Museum Italy, Bennington Center for the Arts, San Diego Natural History Museum Wildlife Exhibition, Fallbrook Wildlife Art Show, and Universal Feature Film “Dragonfly” featuring Kevin Costner.

Adult Toys

David Tanych
July 1 - 31, 2015

Start your summer adventures off right with ÆRENA Galleries' July showcase, Adult Toys, featuring the monumental creations of gallery sculptor, David Tanych. Experience the artistic interpretations of everyday objects and childhood toys in a larger than life scale.

A veteran furniture maker, who also trained as a blacksmith, Tanych has been creating objects since the age of 10, when his father gave him a saw, hammer, nails and a block of wood. Intrigued by the strength and flexibility of steel and the properties and beauty of redwood, Tanych remains inspired to experiment in making creations that are bigger and bolder than ever attempted before.

See what “size matters” really means when you stand in the presence of these magnum works, all of which can be viewed at our three gallery locations, the Auberge du Soleil sculpture gardens and the Blackbird Vineyards estate.

Contact your art consultant today to discuss how one of Tanych's sculptures could set the tone for ongoing fun in your own garden or backyard playground.

Tanych's works have been featured in publications including Architectural Digest, Dwell Magazine, Forbes Life, the Time Square kiosk, and can be viewed in numerous public and private collections including Leisureland, Palm Springs Sculpture Garden, Vermont Craft Council, Statewide, Vermont Arts Council Sculpture Garden, Montpelier, VT, Woodstock, NY Sculpturefest, Southern Vermont Art Center, Sculpture Garden and Museum, Manchester, VT.

In Transit

Patrick LoCicero
June 1 - 30, 2015

“My work makes references to the idea of traveling and the act of moving not only from one place to another but also from one time period to another.”Gallery Artist, Patrick LoCicero

ÆRENA Galleries – Yountville, St. Helena and Healdsburg – are pleased to present In Transit: a collection of multidimensional works by Patrick LoCicero.

Inspired by Duchamp's Readymades and Rauschenberg's Combines, LoCicero experiments with actual shallow space and implied deep space through combining painting and collage. LoCicero strives for a close material and conceptual relationship between the painted and collaged surfaces of his pieces. Centralized iconography stands in as metaphors for LoCicero's memories and per-sonal experiences. These recognizable images communicate a story to the viewer.

We invite you to contact our art consultant team regarding acquisition of any of the works featured. Please also visit us at all three of our gallery locations to preview the works in person throughout the month of June.

LoCicero's work has been part of many private and public collections including The Dayton Art Museum, The San Francis-co Legion of Honor, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Oregon Health Sciences University, The University of Washington Medical Center, The San Francisco International Airport, The California LEF Foundation, and many more.


Alison Haley Paul
May 1 - 31, 2015

ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens is pleased to announce the addition of Alison Haley Paul to our stable of artists and to introduce you to Aubade: A glorious body of works that greets the dawn like a lavishly textured love song, rich in emotion and nuanced color.

Haley Paul's artwork conjures up geographical memories of a special moment in time or a treasured location. The places she paints may not be physically specific, but they are immediately recognizable. Haley Paul states, “Viewing my paintings at eighteen inches evoke intensity, at eighteen feet, serenity.”

We invite you to contact your Art Consultant regarding acquisition of any of the works featured. Please also visit us at all three of our gallery locations to preview the works in person, or on our website, throughout the month of May.

Haley Paul majored in Art and Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and earned a BA at the Design Institute in San Diego. Her work has been exhibited in and is a part of public and private collections nationwide, including; The Triton Museum, Santa Clara, CA, San Diego Museum of Art, Coronado Museum of History and Art, Museum of the Living Artist, Balboa Park, all in San Diego, CA, Pasadena Contemporary Arts, Pasadena CA, SCOPE art Miami, Miami Beach FL.

Field Notes

John Karl Claes
April 1 - 30, 2015

“I have painted the agricultural landscape of the West for nearly twenty years. It is here, in this Western Landscape, that I have matured as a painter, and it is this land that challenges and inspires me.”Gallery Artist, John Karl Claes

ÆRENA Galleries – Yountville, St. Helena and Healdsburg – are pleased to present Field Notes: a collection of pulsating agricultural landscapes by John Karl Claes.

Born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley of California, Claes earned his MFA in painting and drawing from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. Having received numerous awards for his landscapes, Claes' paintings of the agricultural landscape of the West are best described as raw and romantic, whose deeply saturated color moves them towards the abstraction and color investigation of Mark Rothko.

We invite you to experience this artist showcase at all three of our gallery locations through the month of April.

For Your Love

Kate Salenfriend
March 1 - 31, 2015

“Driving around the valley every day throughout each season inspires me completely.”Gallery artist, Kate Salenfriend

Join us as we take you on an opulent romantic odyssey through the glistening forests and vineyards of Kate Salenfriend's latest observations and interpretations of her surroundings.

Salenfriend's love of landscapes, textiles and metal leafing, merge together in her paintings, creating a rich textural layering of media. This method is influenced by the weft and warp technique used by tapestry craftsmen. Inspired by the golden phase works of painter Gustav Klimt, her crosshatch layering process, combined with the application of 22 karat gold or sterling silver, produce artworks that are constantly evolving, shimmering, and refracting light – all created For Your Love.

Salenfriends paintings can be seen at Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, at several wineries in the Napa Valley including, Darioush, Skipstone, Bouchaine and in many public and private collections worldwide.

Agrarian Nation

Doug Smith
February 1 - 28, 2015

“Man, despite his sophistication and his many accomplishments, owes his existence to a six inch layer of top soil and the fact that it rains.”Anon

ÆRENA Galleries – Yountville, St. Helena and Healdsburg – are pleased to present Agrarian Nation: a collection of rural reflections by gallery artist, Doug Smith.

With a clear nod to the San Francisco Bay Area figurative movement that flourished during his mid-century youth, Smith combines the exuberance of abstract expressionism and the arresting intimacy of the realistically familiar. Traditional farmhouses and weathered barns punctuate Smith's vast planes of color, line and texture – all applied with a stout confidence derived from his long and accomplished career as a graphic designer.

Please join us through the month of February as we welcome Doug Smith to ÆRENA Galleries.

Smith's body of work has garnered enthusiasm and interest from private collectors worldwide as well as museums including the Rockwell Museum in New York and the Booth Western Art Museum in Atlanta for their permanent collections.